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Bun, the Node.js nightmare has arrived

Node.js has long been a cornerstone of the JavaScript universe, however a new challenger that should not be underestimated is entering the scene. The new one has already generated an undeniable enthusiasm around himself. Way back in 2008, JavaScript was the coding language primarily used for building the frontend of websites and managing events. Afer […]


The superconductor that promises a new technological era

“We have discovered a material that opens a new era for humanity.” Strong words from Sukbae Lee and Ji-Hoon Kim of the Quantum Energy Research Center in South Korea, the team of physicists who ha recently announced what could be a sensational discovery. It is a mixture of sulfur and lead powders which, combined togheter […]

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Offline Management (Part 1)

There is no final word. We live in a universe that endlessly cycles space-time, so there can be no end word. It can’t even exist for what are the customer’s requests. Nothing will stand between him and progress, not even a simple web app that can work without the web, but which isn’t an app. […]


Mojo, the language to write the future of AI

The new AI developer language that crosses Python and MLIR. Given the levels of popularity that artificial intelligence is reaching lately and considering its application in various fields, it is reasonable to think that the popularity and use of the main programming language related to it, Python, will further increase. In fact, over the last […]

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5 rules for mantaining order

As programmers we are too often judged solely on the basis of our knowledge. Despite the fact that the whole world claims that a programmer should not learn commands or instructions by heart, often in interviews even with large-scale companies, the resolution of certain problems by means of specific languages ​​is still required. Instead, what […]


AI chatbots, the revolution of the internet as we know it

The stars of the moment, in the spotlight of the new technological stage (or perhaps it would be better to say battlefield), are OpenAI with its ChatGPT-4, Google with Bard and Microsoft with BingAI and Copilot. As you know, these are LLM (Large Language Model) programs, a language model made up of a neural network containing many parameters […]


Developers believe AI will have a positive world impact

Developers believe AI will have a positive world impact. Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more important in today’s world, as it has the potential to revolutionize many of the sectors with which we interact in our everyday life. It can support us in developing a better health system and in the evolution of school […]