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Developers believe AI will have a positive world impact

Developers believe AI will have a positive world impact.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more important in today’s world, as it has the potential to revolutionize many of the sectors with which we interact in our everyday life. It can support us in developing a better health system and in the evolution of school systems, guaranteeing greater and easier access to education for a larger number of people; not to mention developments in the fields of finance, entertainment and information.

The use of artificial intelligence has already improved efficiency within several environments, enabling cost reductions and improving results. Thanks to it we are now able to process and analyze large quantities of data, which greatly facilitates access to information and therefore the research itself, as well as its development.

Despite this, figures such as creatives, developers, journalists and others continually express their concerns about the possibility that AI poses a threat to their future and that of their positions. On the other hand, more and more people see AI itself as assistive tools, which will aid and complement creatives, developers and writers rather than replace them.

In an interesting article by Ryan Daws for AI NEWS, he reports an interview of the Stack Overflow platform to his community of developers, whose purpose was to investigate the perception they have of the new technologies that already dominate the headlines: “That’s probably what you can glean from the results of the administered survey,” reflects Erin Yepis, Senior Analyst, Market Research and Insights at Stack Overflow. “The reason developers don’t rate AI more negatively than technologies like low code/no code or blockchain is that they understand this technology so much better than others”.

Developers are not carried away by the media buzz and understand the difference between the possibility of artificial intelligence coming to replace humans in well-paying jobs and the consequent opportunities that would arise for humans to do better jobs and more balanced as artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies mature and develop

The data collected from the survey show us that Machine Learning (18%) and technologies assisted by artificial intelligence (13%) were the ones with which developers would like to have more in-depth practical training. On the other hand, blockchain (9%) is only in third place, while cloud computing (8%) and open source (5%) occupy fourth and fifth place respectively.

Sounds interesting that low-code/no-code are perceived by developers as less mature technologies than those assisted by artificial intelligence.

Any thoughts on where will the use of artificial intelligence take us?

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Source: AINEWS

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